Dr. Lalit Aggarwal, Chairman and President
A retired university professor, Dr. Aggarwal’s research has focused on the application of statistical analysis to problems with large numbers of variables, from conflict resolution to medical diagnosis to color verification and authentication.

Dr. Aggarwal’s interest in gem grading arose from his pioneering work in the field of Image Statistics, a powerful statistical technique he developed in the early 1980s. He founded ImaGem in 1998 to commercialize the application of Image Statistics to the gem industry. Previous attempts to use imaging equipment to grade and describe gemstones could not consistently reproduce the interpretations of human graders. Using Image Statistics, Dr. Aggarwal was able to bridge the gap between machine and human grading. Along the way, he developed integrated technology to collect the image data, the programs to analyze it, and the hardware to handle gemstones and move them through the grading process automatically.

His work for ImaGem® is documented in three patents and over several claims.

In addition to holding several United States patents, ImaGem chairman Dr. Lalit Aggarwal is an experienced entrepreneur who has launched several innovative products. Dr. Aggarwal earned a doctorate in Peace Science from the University of Pennsylvania as well as three Masters degrees. Dr. Aggarwal’s publications include technical papers published in Educational and Psychological Measurement, Communications in Statistics, Quality and Quantity, Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, Mid-Atlantic Journal of Business, and the Statistical Graphics Section proceedings of the American Statistical Association.


Joseph Gaetz

Mr. Gaetz has expertise in image processing, motion systems and hardware integration.  He plays a key role in design of micro controller circuits and programming.

Mr. Gaetz had designed, developed and commercialized a complete vision system for defect analysis and has programming experience in LabView, C/C++ and several other languages.


Support of other experts is available on demand