GemInsight® is a powerful point of sale display unit to support sales of diamonds, jewelry and gemstones. It is the only patented device available that displays loose as well as mounted diamonds and gemstones of any shape and size for different lighting situations.

GemInsight is a perfect tool to explain the science and the beauty of a stone to an experienced gemologist or a layperson in a simple and understandable language. It makes diamond, jewelry shopping – an educational and enjoyable personal experience.

A short presentation on the GemInsight


What can you do with the GemInsight?

  • Simplify your sales process!
  • Display a diamond or a gemstone under different lights – in motion or as a static image.
  • Show scintillation, fire and the signature pattern associated with the diamond.
  • Capture attractive images under different lights in just 5 seconds!
  • Record videos of diamonds, jewelry and gemstones under different lights – in just 2 minutes! Available in convenient Flash format.
  • Compare two or more stones to accentuate differences or to find matching stones.
  • Educate customers on gemological aspects using easy to understand and powerful visuals.
  • Use GemInsight at the cutting floor to check light behavior and facet arrangement during the process. Modify as needed!
  • Bridge the gap between a prospect and your ecommerce website – show diamonds and jewelry live over the internet! Call 1-888-7IMAGEM to learn how.
  • Increase referral business and strengthen customer loyalty! Call 1-888-7IMAGEM to learn how.


Dimensions: 5″ diameter X 10.5 height
Weight: 6 lbs
Power Requirements: Universal 110/220V

Viewing Area: Up to 50 mm diameter
Computer with specific configuration is required (not included with GemInsight)

For more information or to order equipment please contact ImaGem Inc. by phone at + 1 215 477 9920 or by email to