Event DVR is an electronic recording device capable of recording up to four video channels and other sensory inputs such as sound, temperature, pressure, electrical signal, etc. The device also has the capability of recognizing an event such as birthing, security breach, industrial malfunction, etc. For each event, the system records video, sensory and time stamp for a defined time period before and after the event and creates a time-stamped output. The device is therefore extremely useful in tracking and reviewing events of interest accurately and expeditiously.

The device is designed to monitor birthing and other events in animal husbandry, patient care and monitoring, security applications, industrial and manufacturing facilities and in other situations where monitoring of video and other event data pre and post event are required and recorded in a time stamped file for quick review.

The basic system contains of a DVR computer and cameras. Additional accessories such as special cameras, audio recievers, digital signal inputs are available. Contact us for additional details.