ImageStatistics was incorporated in the state of Pennsylvania, USA in 1998. The vision of the company is to be a leader in cutting edge technology in the field of data analysis and statistical modeling. The core technology on which ImageStatistics has successfully built its business is its ability to seamlessly integrate numerical data, images and image processing and statistical analysis to solve critical problems in various industries. The company is named after the technology called “ImageStatistics”.

ImageStatistics has over 50 years of collective experience in successful development and commercialization of technology. We specialize in solutions that require a multidisciplinary approach to problems.

The experience and academic background of staff include business analyst, data analysis and statistical modeling, electronic design and engineering, vision system, motion, marketing and bio-medical imaging.

Our approach is to understand customer needs and provide innovative solutions, develop test protocols and help to commercialize the end product. 

We provide consulting, product design and development, manufacturing solutions, statistics and operations, research analysis and technology based solutions.

Some of the industries served are: medical, bio technology, medical imaging, manufacturing, security systems, pharmaceuticals, diamond industry, marketing, hedge funds and large data systems.