The GL 5100 Clarity unit is used by grading labs, manufacturers, and internet retailers for measuring and precisely mapping inclusions and for clarity grading. In a manufacturing facility the system is used for inclusion measuring and mapping in uncoated rough to help with the cutting operation and for evaluating a finished good on clarity grade.

A special cleaning instrument first cleans the diamond, which is then immersed in a non-toxic liquid for imaging. Depending on the clarity of the diamond, a single image may be required or multiple images may be needed. Clear stones (IF through VS2) require more time to be imaged, as multiple passes are required.

Once the gem is scanned, the template is presented on the screen with the inclusions mapped, and then the gemologist reviews the plot.


Repeatability: ± ½ grade
Diamond Shapes: Round Brilliant, Marquise, and Princess. Other shapes upon request
Dimensions: 15″w x 16″h x 24″l

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